The Pfeiffer Collection by Evernote

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A Manufacturing Partnership

We've teamed up with Evernote and Industrial Designer Eric Pfeiffer to manufacture the Pfeiffer Collection, an exclusive line of beautiful, functional desktop accessories that will both inspire and enhance how you work. Designed to work together or stand alone, these vessels achieve a balance of aesthetics and function.
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Bringing Materials Together

The Pfeiffer Collection combines the utility and functionality of plastic with the rich beauty of American Walnut. 
Together, these materials work to create elegant solutions for desktop organization with the warmth and simplicity of an objet d' art.


Packaging Solutions

Evernote's design team envisioned a beautiful box that could be used separately from the product inside. Together, we've succeeded in producing a collection of functional gift boxes people will find uses for well into the future.

Concept to Consumer

Building on our manufacturing and assembly capabilities in the United States and overseas, AMAC can help bring a product from concept to consumer utilizing many different materials and manufacturing processes. After manufacturing, AMAC's supply chain management gets products where they're needed, when they're needed.
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