In 2017, we made some major investments in new machinery at our Petaluma factory. We’ve always been proud of our ability to keep our old machines running, but we’re really excited to invest in state-of-the-art injection molding machines. These new machines give us much better control over our manufacturing processes and operate at a fraction of the power usage of our older machines.


One important aspect is the ability to better integrate with automation equipment, from dynamic robots to smart conveyors. These new capabilities not only help us produce our product with greater efficiencies, but help us assure better consistency and repeatability in our manufacturing, which drives up quality and reduces waste.


Old machine off to it's next adventure to the scrap yard.

These new machines will serve as a cornerstone in our efforts to further advance our manufacturing capabilities. These advances will include the use of new materials, assembly techniques, and decorating to further grow our line of museum-quality packaging products.