Industry Solutions

Once you recognize AMAC boxes, you'll find them nearly everywhere you go: retail candy stores and coffee houses, laboratories, museums, dinner parties, baby showers, and so much more.


Clean, modernist AMAC Boxes bring focus to floral designs and enhance arrangements by nearly disappearing or adding a splash of color. Read More

Hospitality and Events

AMAC boxes help tell stories that reflect the emotional aspiration of an event or party. Creating the perfect table setting or favor is always a challenge. For those looking for simple, elegant vases, containers, or gift boxes, the... Read More

Makers and Craft

Transforming raw materials into something useful and beautiful is at the heart of our company. So it brings us no shortage of joy when we see what other people do with our boxes. Read More

Candy Packaging

Let’s face it: who doesn’t love candy? It’s the universal gift of love and friendship. And what couldn’t be easier than selling candy? It’s got to be as easy as, well, selling candy to a baby? But... Read More

Medicinal and Herbal Packaging

In 1960s New York, AMAC boxes were found in the permanent design collection at MoMA, Andy Warhol’s studio, and as jewel-like packaging for the herbs that helped fuel the experiences of that generation, and the next, and the next.... Read More