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Candy Packaging

Let’s face it: who doesn’t love candy? It’s the universal gift of love and friendship, from sophisticated Belgian chocolates to the sweet makham wan – sweet tamarind, made into candies – found among street vendors in Bangkok. And what couldn’t be easier than selling candy? It’s got to be as easy as, well, selling candy to a baby? But nothing is ever that easy.

The quality of candy packaging – as much as the quality of the candy itself – is critical to any candy retailer or manufacturer’s success. When you’ve got something beautiful to sell, be sure your customers can see it. That’s where crystal clear AMAC boxes really make a difference in a retail environment. Our boxes can be printed and labelled, reinforcing the company’s branding. Merchandising is easy with stackable rigid boxes. With many different sizes, different candy and foods can be sold in quantities that meet a retailer’s price point.


From the early days of AMAC, we recognized the importance of candy (and other food) packaging as we developed new products and approved new materials. All of our packaging products are made from FDA-approved materials. In fact, you’ll notice that our website shows approximately how much candy and nuts each of our packaging products hold. Explore some of the most popular candy packaging products on this page, or browse our site for a box that fits your needs.