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Makers and Craft


At our core, we are makers. As a California-based manufacturer, watching our boxes come off the machines never gets old. Transforming raw materials into something useful and beautiful is at the heart of our company. So it brings us no shortage of joy when we see what other people do with our boxes. People often ask us: “What do you do with these boxes?” We’ve got many answers – some funny; some cynical. But the best answers come in the form of the extraordinarily creative uses others have found for AMAC boxes.


Many years ago, we found some boxes in a local café. A local artist had turned them into – and this is a rough description – post-apocalyptic snow globes. They were funny and horrifying. Another artist and entrepreneur in New York met a friend’s creative packaging design challenge by finding the best NYC garbage and presenting it in our boxes. ( Others have gone wild with glue guns and googly eyes to create furry and frazzled storage and gift boxes for friends and family.

Entrepreneurs and artists alike have used our boxes as their own. Andy Warhol used our 522C boxes to create his piece Portraits of the Artists in 1968 and Harrison Ford fished out a bioengineered eyeball from one of our boxes in Blade Runner in 1982. We’ve seen our boxes transformed into clocks, fish tanks, and homes for spiders (just ask Peter Parker!)


What will you do with your AMAC box?