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Hospitality and Events

Creating the perfect table setting or favor has vexed even the most creative event planners. At the center of every perfect table is an assemblage that brings excitement and focus to the event. It tells a story and reflects the emotional aspiration of the hosts. Bouquets of flowers, towers of candy, and even prickly succulents have adorned some of the finest settings. At the center you’ll often find AMAC boxes. For those looking for simple, elegant vases, containers, or gift boxes, the modernist clear box draws attention to the contents – from beautiful flower arrangements to displays of river stones polished by mountain streams over millennia.


AMAC’s crystal clear boxes help tell the story. Boxes filled with matchbooks from a couple’s travels throughout America; White amaryllis, a symbol of unity, displayed in colorful transparent boxes of a couple’s rival school colors; towers of boxes filled with a host’s favorite candies, disassembled at the end of the meal and given as favors to departing guests. Even at the Icelandic State Dinner in 2016, white and clear AMAC boxes served as vases, evoking both ice sculptures and the region’s modernist design aesthetic.

In addition to beautiful center pieces, AMAC boxes are the perfect vessel for your favorite party favor. Party planners have used nearly every size of AMAC box for end-of-event giveaways. A single, gold-dusted chocolate covered espresso bean in our smallest 511C to a large gift box – with tea, jam and other sweets – in our 105C box. However, the sweet spot for size tends to be our 754 boxes. At just 1-5/8" square by 2-1/4" tall, it holds a couple ounces of M&Ms or Jelly Beans.


Explore our image gallery for ideas about how to use AMAC boxes for your next event. And when you do, let us know on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram by tagging us at #amacboxes.