Flowers arranged in four 105C boxes of various colors, sitting on a bench in front of a window

Exceptional floral design is a balance among the choice of flowers, their arrangement, and the container in which they're displayed. The arrangement tells a story -- about a client's personality, the mood of an event, or the room in which they're displayed. The vessel is a critical element of that story. The 105C boxes, above, serve as colorful vases that complement both the flowers and the architecture in which they're placed.

Red roses in a slate 105C box, on magazines  Succulents planted in colored 100C boxes

AMAC boxes have been used as vases for events since our founding in the 1960s. The clean, modernist design of the boxes lend themselves to both bring focus to a floral design and enhance an arrangement by nearly disappearing or adding a splash of color.

Single white Rhombin with succulents and flowers  Three Rhombins with succulents and flowers  Single white Rhombin with stone and succulents

Our boxes can be found at large events, helping to reinforce an aesthetic theme across many tables. From weddings and community events to state dinners at the White House, AMAC Boxes have helped event designers around the world tell their stories through their amazing floral designs.

Tabletop flower arrangement using colored 105C boxes

In addition to our traditional AMAC boxes, our geometric Rhombin containers create an architecturally beautiful arrangement of flowers, succulents, or simple stone gardens. Rhombins afford creative floral designers to create micro-gardens in unexpected places, from desktops to window sills.

Red Rhombin with stones and a red flower  Ember 105C box with yellow roses flower arrangement on a tabletop