Let’s face it: who
doesn’t love candy?

It’s the universal gift of love and friendship, from sophisticated Belgian chocolates to the sweet makham wan – sweet tamarind, made into candies – found among street vendors in Bangkok. And what couldn’t be easier than selling candy? It’s got to be as easy as, well, selling candy to a baby? But nothing is ever that easy.

The quality of candy packaging – as much as the quality of the candy itself – is critical to any candy retailer or manufacturer’s success.

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Why Choose Our Candy Containers

From the early days of AMAC, we recognized the importance of candy packaging as we developed new products and approved new materials.
  • Food Safe Materials
    Food Safe Materials
    AMAC boxes are manufactured with BPA-free plastics that are FDA approved for food contact
  • Many Different Sizes
    Many Different Sizes
    Different candy and foods can be sold in quantities that meet a retailer’s price point.
  • Printing Services
    Printing Services
    Our boxes can be printed and labelled, reinforcing the company’s branding.
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