AMAC has been injection molding since 1960 and was founded on a former World War II shipyard in Sausalito, California. Across the parking lot was Heath Ceramics, an iconic maker of museum-quality dinnerware and tiles, and spread throughout the building and neighborhood were dozens of artists and artisans working in every kind of medium. Located on the edge of a harbor, the entire community was bound by shared ideas of self-sufficiency and an imperative to create.

That maker’s perspective runs deep in our DNA, even as we strive to build upon that heritage and expand into new areas of manufacturing and products.

We were honored to partner with Creative Live in their course on documentary filmmaking. As part of that course, award-winning documentary filmmaker Griffin Hammond produced a documentary film on making a documentary film, shot on location at AMAC Plastics. We’re excited to share the rough cut of this short film, an exploration of the power of sharing manufacturing experience across generations.

Maker's Legacy from AMAC on Vimeo.

[Editor's Note: Since we filmed this in 2015, we've purchased a couple new machines. We still have many of our older machines, but we're really liking the new ones!)