About AMAC Asia

In 2006, AMAC founded AMAC Asia, a Hong Kong-based company with offices in Shenzhen, China, to build tooling and manufacturing capabilites beyond our US injection molding operations. Over the last decade, we’ve expanded the types of materials and manufacturing processes at our disposal through partnerships with dozens of quality manufacturers.

Our philosophy is to be engaged in every aspect of a product’s creation, assuring a streamlined product development and manufacturing process. We understand that your customer is our customer, so we take pride in stewarding a product from the initial idea to its place in someone’s home or office.



ULinx signature packaging
We were first approach by jewelry start-up ULinx to create a unique package for their magnetic jewelry. After finishing the package,we were asked to produce and package the entire jewelry product line.


We’re ready to help

To learn more about how AMAC can help you take your idea from the back of an envelope to finished product, take a moment to answer a few questions about your company and your project.