Printing Specifications and FAQs
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Printing Specifications and FAQs

Specifications at a Glance

Maximum Artwork size: 3 inch diameter or 75mm circle
File Formats: AI (Adobe Illustrator) or EPS preferred
Text: Convert all text to Outlines
Number of colors: We can print up to 3 colors per impression
Process colors: AMAC does not print four color process
Color matching: AMAC has 12 Standard Colors and can match based on Pantone colors. Matching will be approximate.
Scanned Line Art: Scanned line art must be 600dpi minimum
White background: Remember, most of our products are clear and may require a white background. Some artwork may require an additional layer of white.


What products can you print on?

We can print on all our boxes, Cocktail Shakers, and Candy Bins. If you see another product on our site that you’d like printed, contact customer service.

How do we create and send artwork?

Our art department strongly prefers artwork created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as either an Illustrator file (.ai) or Encapsulated Postscript (.eps). Conversion from other formats is available and will be charged hourly. Most importantly, be sure to convert all text to outlines. Figuring out your design intent is hard if we don’t have the right fonts, so please convert to outlines.

How many colors can you print at a time?

We can print up to 3 colors on our products. For example, we can print a three color logo or a two color logo with a white background. We do not print four color process -- the way in which printers can achieve millions of colors.

Is there a maximum print size?

A single imprint must fall into a 3 inch, or 75mm circle. If your artwork requires something larger, we can create multiple imprints to achieve a larger print size. Each project is different, so contact customer service if you need a larger print.

Can I print all the way to the edge?

In printing jargon, printing off the edge is called a bleed. Ouch. We don’t bleed off the edge of our boxes because it can damage the delicate pads we use to print your image on our boxes. Please leave about 1/8” edge around the box.

What colors can I use? Can you match a Pantone color?

AMAC has 12 standard colors . You can also request a Pantone match. Please understand that our matches can vary slightly. Since we are generally printing on clear plastic, it’s very difficult to get an exact Pantone match. Physical samples are available at an additional charge.

I’ve got a one color print job. Why do I need two colors?

Most things are printed on white paper. Our boxes are generally clear. To get a vibrant color, a more accurate color match, or contrast, printing a white background may be required to achieve your desired result. In these cases, we charge for an extra color.

Can I print a photograph or a shaded image?

All our printing is done with solid colors. We don’t print half tones, shades, or process colors. Photographs require shades of colors, which we don’t support.

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