Loving you is Easy
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Loving you is Easy

Loving you is Easy

$ 14.95    each
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Product Details

Loving you is Easy is a collection of three pink boxes that will hold the surprise gift for the person you love. Fill each of them with your own special gift -- from candy to jewelry -- and make this Valentines Day one to remember. These durable boxes will be kept as a reminder of your special day.


  • Three square, friction-fit gift pink boxes
  • Each box measures 2-5/16" x 2-5/16" x 4-3/16"
  • Made from BPA-free, food safe polystyrene
  • Designed and manufactured in Northern California

Weights and Measures

Packaging Qty Width Length Depth Weight
Product 1 2.3 in 2.3 in 4.2 in 1.86 oz
58 mm 58 mm 107 mm 52.7 gm

Product Capacity for Each Box

Contents Capacity
M&Ms 7.1 oz. 201.2 grams
Jelly Beans 8.2 oz. 232.4 grams
Sixlets 7 oz. 198.4 grams
Almonds 4.9 oz. 138.9 grams
Cashews 4.9 oz. 138.9 grams
Pistachios 4 oz. 113.3 grams

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