Purple flowers in an AMAC box at the Nordic State Dinner in May, 2016

We’ve got to admit it: we love seeing our boxes out in the world. And after nearly sixty years of manufacturing high quality boxes in the United States and shipping them globally, we’ve seen them used in some very unusual ways!

But when Susan Holland Events showed us how they used our boxes, it was an exciting and humbling experience.

Table setting for the Nordic State Dinner in May, 2016

In May, 2016, President Obama hosted the leaders of five Nordic countries for an unusual State Dinner honoring Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. According to the Obama archives

The décor for the Nordic State Dinner takes its inspiration from the cycle of northern lights and shadows, seeking to emulate the aesthetic qualities associated with the five Nordic nations. Nordic seasons, with their intense variations in climate, produce rhythmic patterns of light and dark that reflect the pulse of nature and permeate Nordic art.

Our 105C box played its part, center table, displaying a variety of flowers and plants evoking the theme for the evening. But for us, the iconic image was our 105C boxes cradling beautiful bouquets of purple Sweet Pea and Polka Dot plants in front of the President’s place setting.

President and Mrs. Obama walk next to an ice sculpture at the Nordic State Dinner in May, 2016.

Our founder, Gene Hurwitt, was deeply inspired by Scandinavian furniture and architecture and his minimalist design for our boxes reflects that aesthetic. We’re glad so many other designers – and the Obama White House – agree.

To learn more about how are boxes are used for events, visit our Hospitality and Events page, and for some ideas on using our products with flowers and plants, check out our Floral Industry page.

President Obama speaking to guests at the Nordic State Dinner in May, 2016

Thanks to Susan Holland Events for including AMAC in their beautiful design for the Nordic State Dinner and providing us with some of these beautiful images.